Sign the Petition: Tell Avon, Mary Kay and others to disclose fragrance ingredients NOW!

For decades, federal regulations have let companies use the word “fragrance” on soap, shampoo, skin care and other personal care product labels to hide the identity of multiple chemicals, many of which are linked to allergies or other health effects.

For the most part, personal care product companies and fragrance manufacturers have resisted calls for disclosure, and “fragrance” has remained a black box for hundreds of chemicals in thousands of everyday products.

But in a game-changing move, industry giant Unilever recently announced a bold new initiative to provide detailed information on fragrance ingredients for all products in its multibillion-dollar portfolio of personal care brands, including Dove, Lever 2000, NEXXUS and more.

Now it’s time for other industry leaders – including Avon, Mary Kay and other cosmetics companies* – to follow suit.

Please sign EWG’s petition today and demand that all personal care companies follow Unilever’s lead and disclose fragrance ingredients to consumers!

Fragrance chemicals ultimately end up in and on the bodies of virtually everyone who uses personal care products, including babies. As a concerned consumer, I stand with EWG in urging your company to give consumers more information about the fragrance chemicals that are ubiquitous in personal care products.

This petition has a goal of 30000 signatures

19991 total signers.

*Click here to see the full list of companies EWG is petitioning to disclose fragrance ingredients to consumers.