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Tell the FDA: Get Phthalates Out of Our Food!

Phthalates are a group of toxic chemicals linked to a wide array of health problems, including genital defects in boys, asthma and learning disabilities. These endocrine-disrupting “plasticizer” chemicals are commonly found in packaging, personal care products, and even in food!

Commonly used in food-handling equipment and food packaging, phthalates can leach directly into our food, especially those high in fat, including meat and dairy products. The FDA has even classified phthalates as “food additives.”

Due to new research and consumer outrage, the FDA is considering a petition to ban certain phthalates from food packaging and handling equipment, and is currently accepting public comments on the issue.

Sign below to tell the FDA to get phthalates out of our food, before the public comment period ends on Sept. 16th!