Tell Congress: Stand up for AMERICANS and BAN ASBESTOS!

Asbestos is still lethal, legal, and in thousands of homes, schools, and consumer products.

Thousands of people die each year from asbestos-related diseases, but because our federal toxics law is broken, millions of pounds of asbestos continue to enter the United States. Worse yet, the public has no real way of knowing which companies are importing asbestos, or what products it goes into because asbestos imports are legal and not regulated.

The asbestos lobby is working hard to keep this deadly substance coming into the country and to keep its whereabouts a secret.

It's time to:

  • REFORM our broken federal toxics law
  • STOP all imports of asbestos
  • GIVE its victims the justice they deserve

We need you to take action right now and stand up for the thousands of Americans who are victimized by this lethal substance each year.

Use the form to contact your members of Congress and urge them to reform our broken federal toxics law, stop all imports of asbestos, and give asbestos victims the justice they deserve.