Tell your favorite restaurants: Take the "asbestos-free crayon pledge" today!

A new report by EWG Action Fund uncovered traces of deadly asbestos in four brands of children’s crayons. Asbestos, which is a known human carcinogen, shouldn’t be in any consumer products, especially kids’ toys.

Every day, restaurants across the country shell out thousands of crayons to their youngest patrons, which parents happily accept often without a second thought. Although we did not specifically test crayons obtained at restaurants, our findings raise a red flag about imported crayons. We want to make sure restaurants are making their suppliers provide only asbestos-free crayons.

That’s why we’re urging America’s restaurants to choose crayons that are asbestos-free, and allow families to enjoy their meal with peace of mind that the crayons at the table do not pose risks to their children.

Sign the petition and tell your favorite restaurants to take the “asbestos-free crayon pledge” today!