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Get toxic chemicals out of our couches!

EWG researchers teamed up with Duke University scientists to test the urine of 48 mothers and children and found evidence of exposure to TDCIPP, a cancer-causing fire retardant, in every person tested. The children had an average of five times as much as the mothers of a chemical formed when TDCIPP breaks down in the body.

TDCIPP is commonly found in polyurethane foam manufactured for upholstered furniture, automotive cushioning and infant goods like changing table pads and nursing pillows.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission wants to develop a national flammability standard for upholstered furniture. That may sound like a good thing, but it won’t be if the commission’s standard leads to expanded use of toxic fire retardant chemicals.

Use this form to sign EWG’s petition to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. We need a national furniture flammability standard that does not encourage or require chemical fire retardants.