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Whole Foods Market committed to label ALL GE foods!

Great news - Whole Foods Market just announced that the company will require all genetically engineered foods on its shelves to be labeled by 2018! It is the first national grocery chain to do so.

Whole Foods Market already has 3,300 products that are not genetically engineered, more than any other retailer in North America. Now it is taking it a step further. By 2018, any food sold in Whole Foods Market's U.S. and Canadian stores that contains genetically engineered ingredients must be labeled as such. This even includes meat that was fed genetically engineered feed - going beyond what any other nation requires for GE labeling. It may seem like five years is a long time, but this is a huge task. A vast majority of field corn, soybeans and canola seed grown in the U.S. come from genetically engineered seeds.

We predict that Whole Foods Market's announcement will bring immediate changes from many of its suppliers. This announcement is a game-changer for federal and state-level labeling initiatives.

It is also a major victory for consumers who want to know what they are eating. Please take a minute and join EWG in thanking Whole Foods Market for doing the right thing on GE labeling.