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Tell the Super Committee to say "NO!" to the Secret Farm Bill.

We were afraid of this, and now it’s for real. Right now, Big Agriculture's lobbyists - with help from compliant politicians - are trying to get large government handouts for corporate mega-farms. We have to stop it - before the Congressional Super Committee's deadline Wednesday.

For weeks, the Ag Committees' leaders have been covertly writing the next federal farm bill, hoping to slip it into law through the top-secret Super Committee process.

No hearings. No debate. Just billions in government handouts for corporate mega-farms.

Tell the Super Committee and Congressional leadership to say "NO!" to the Secret Farm Bill. There are only a few days to turn the tide, and we need your rapid response!

*Speaker of the House Boehner will not accept emails from outside his district. The fields requested below are required by other Congressional leaders.

Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction

Nancy Pelosi

Democratic Leader, U.S. House of Representatives

Mitch McConnell

Senate Minority Leader

Harry Reid

Senate Majority Leader