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Tell the Super Committee to tackle the budget deficit the right way!

We're facing an economic crisis, and if Washington tries to solve it the wrong way, the result could be catastrophic for millions of Americans.

The Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction - better known as the Super Committee - is meeting and making decisions right now that will profoundly affect the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and other environmental factors that keep us healthy or prevent illness.

We need your help. EWG sent the committee members our recommendations, showing that they can address the budget AND make sure that we protect programs for children, the environment and our health, as well as ensure that there's a true safety net for farmers who need it. Will you tell the committee right away that you stand with EWG?

Use the form below to add your name to EWG's letter to the Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction.

Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction