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Protect our drinking water!

The oil and gas industry claimed for years there's no evidence that hydraulic fracturing -- fracking -- has contaminated drinking water wells.

Our study shows that the Environmental Protection Agency concluded 25 years ago that hydraulic fracturing can -- and did -- contaminate an underground source of drinking water and that such contamination was "illustrative" of fracking's risks, blowing holes in the industry's argument.

We're tired of the oil and gas industry's propaganda. It's past time to follow up on the EPA's findings with more rigorous scientific research. Join us in calling on the EPA to look into the risks of fracking and make sure that our drinking water is safe. The oil and gas industry must be held accountable.

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As a supporter of EWG, I want the Environmental Protection Agency to conduct more rigorous research into the environmental impacts of fracking. The oil and gas industry has been telling us that there is no evidence that fracking causes groundwater contamination, but in 1987 the EPA issued a report to Congress citing water well contamination from fracking in West Virginia and said that such contamination was "illustrative" of damage from oil and gas operations.

Fracking is an increasingly common form of natural gas and oil drilling. Science has not kept pace with the industry's growth. It's time for more rigorous scientific inquiry into the dangers fracking may pose to drinking water.
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