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Kids Need Healthy Food, Not Hyped Junk

Urge Food Giants to Stop Battling US Marketing Guidelines

Big food companies and their highly-paid advertising agencies are aggressively lobbying the government to kill the federal Interagency Working Group's newly-proposed children's food marketing guidelines that aim to promote more healthful foods. And they're pulling out all the stops.

In comments to the Federal Trade Commission, food companies called these voluntary guidelines "irredeemable," "counterproductive," "unnecessary" and "monumentally flawed." They're promoting their own weaker set of guidelines instead AND trumpeting a bogus study that predicts economic disaster if these proposed standards - which are voluntary - are adopted.

EWG has joined forces with the Center for Science in the Public Interest to ask the chief executive officers of large food manufacturers to stop their attacks. We need your consumer voices to get their attention! Demand today that these food companies use their resources to market healthier food to our children, not to lobby the government to protect the unhealthy status quo. Join us! Stand up to big food on behalf of our children - they deserve nothing less.

Use the form below to tell these companies you want healthier food, not junk marketing for your kids.

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