Turn the Farm Bill into a Food Bill!

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EWG's work shows that under the federal farm bill, our government doles out huge subsidies to big farms that don't need the help and to a lot of folks who don't live anywhere near a farm. Some of this money would be better spent supporting working farm families, sustainable farming, protecting the environment and providing healthy, unprocessed food to low-income families and children who depend on government nutrition programs.

In short, the farm bill needs to become a food bill. We are calling on all "eaters" to stand with us and tell Congress that your tax dollars go to programs that feed people, not those that fool people.

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As someone who cares about food and how it is grown and supports the EWG Action Fund, I want Congress to turn the next farm bill into a food bill! Instead of giving billions of dollars in subsidies to those who don't need them -- corporate mega-farms or crop insurance companies -- put my money to better use.

I want my tax money to support working farm families, protect land and water and help feed low-income children. Congress needs to reform farm bill spending to make this happen.

Please take the first step right now and invest in smarter food and farm policies that promote a cleaner environment and healthier diets for American kids and families.
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