Tell the FDA to stop dragging its feet!

The federal Food and Drug Administration proposed sunscreen safety regulations in 1978 but has never put them into force -- which means the sunscreen industry doesn’t have to verify that its sunscreens work or provide adequate UVA protection or even check their "waterproof" claims.

Stand with EWG Action Fund to demand sunscreen safety regulations now!

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I find the FDA's stalling on the release of sunscreen safety standards inexcusable. Thirty-three years is plenty of time to make these regulations final. We need regulations that:

:: Do not leave families like mine out to burn -- we want sunscreen's SPF ratings to mean something.

:: Make sure the sunscreen industry doesn't stock store shelves with bottles listing misleading, sky-high SPF ratings that protect against UVB-caused sunburn but leave skin at risk for UVA damage.

:: Keep misleading marketing claims off of labels.

:: Ensure that sunscreens actually protect consumers.

Thirty-three years is long enough. Start protecting consumers with sunscreen safety standards now!

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