The Power of Information

Thank you, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, for taking action!

According to Environmental Working Group's new study, 31 of 35 city water supplies tested showed traces of carcinogenic chromium-6, the "Erin Brockovich chemical." The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that chromium-6 in tap water is "likely to be carcinogenic to humans."

Within 72 hours of our report's release, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson announced new actions to detect chromium-6 contamination in the nation's drinking water supplies. The EPA intends to offer guidance to water systems to develop effective sampling and monitoring systems. The agency is taking a hard new look at the cancer risks of chromium-6 in water, Jackson said. Once that reassessment is completed in 2011, she said EPA "will likely revise drinking water regulations to account for this new science."

Thank you, Administrator Jackson for responding quickly to this new research.
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