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I'm sending in my bottled water labels!

Please use the form below to let EWG's research team know they can count on your labels.

Prizes for everyone!

Everyone who sends us a label will receive a free Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce magnet. And the person who sends in the most labels (no duplicates) will receive a Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottle with the EWG logo and a jumbo-sized, reusable grocery tote printed with EWG's pollution solutions tips.


  1. 1. The next time you buy a bottle of water (there are those times when you just might "have" to), choose a non-sparkling, unflavored water bottled in glass or clear plastic.

  2. 2. Carefully remove the entire label from the bottle. We need all the information from the label, so if necessary, cut the plastic around the label to get it all off.

  3. 3. Write down:
    • :: the name and location of the store where you purchased the water
    • :: the date you purchased the water
    • :: your name, email and mailing address

  4. 4. Mail your labels and other information by April 30th to:

    Attn: Nneka Leiba
    1436 U St. NW, Suite 100
    Washington, DC 20009
Thank you for sending us your labels! We couldn't do this project without you.

Environmental Working Group Research Team

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